Georgie's Back from his Extended Vacation...

So where was I? Oh yeah . . . on Vacation.


Well, I’m back.

I dunno if anybody else realises this, but not only is it Monday (the most Highly Spectacular Day of the Week), but there are only about four days left in the Hot Season. And I’m pretty sure we all know what that means, don’t we? That means that, this Friday, it will bee time for the Annual End of the Hot Season Honey Ball once again!

That’s always a Festive Event, usually, so I’m glad I got back from my Extended Vacation in time for that. The fact is, I hadn’t planned to return until Saturday, or maybee Sunday, so it’s lucky I started flying back early.

I’ve already asked ButterCup if she’ll bee my Special Date for the Ball. She said, “Fine,” so I can tell she’s mostly excited about the whole thing, probably.

“And remember, bee,” she reminded me, “don’t forget to pick me up early so we can get there in time for the Mandatory Royal Reception and the Queen’s Speech. We missed out on the Pollen Puffs last year and, quite frankly, I just won’t live with that kind of disappointment again. And while you’re at it, try to exert yourself and wear something appropriate this year. That Puce Tuxedo you showed up that time just won’t cut it.”

I told her she didn’t have to worry since, the fact is, the last time I had it Dry Cleaned, it shrunk a whole bunch
so it doesn’t even fit anymore.

“Good,” she said, then she left and went back to work.

Of course, this means I have less than two weeks to figure out Who I’m gonna wear. (My Illegitimate Nephew, Kevin, informed me that Queen Jemima has issued the Formal Decree that this year’s Theme is “An Informal Celebration of the Common Working Bee”, so I’m guessing that means that this year’s Festivities will require Casual Attire. Maybee I’ll just wear those Beelarenta Lounging Togs I picked up in Nebraska last month.
They’re highly comfortable.) I also need to go buy the Tickets beefore they’re all sold out.

So I’m gonna go do that.

I’ll catch up with ya’ later.
Until then, let’s all bee careful out there.