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Georgie's Recovery


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Georgie wiith his Editor 2


Since 2011, Georgie A. Bee, Spokes Bee for The Bee Society,
has been annoying Humans all over the world
with his Highly Informative and Allegedly Entertaining Stories
about his life as a Honeybee.

Georgie wants Humans to know something:
Honeybees are pretty much just like everybody else, mostly.
And bees (all our pollinators) are NECESSARY!
If you don't beelieve him, you're invited to join the class in
BEES 101
Just click on the Pic beelow to participate where you can
find out more about bees - and how to help them!
(tuition is FREE and you don't have to sign up for anything!)

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and prepare to bee entertained & enlightened!
(Great reading for all ages!)

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The Hive was under Renovation, so the Swarm had to
move into The Stump. Follow what happened . . .
22.4 MB , .pdf format
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The Hive had a new Queen - and they had some
serious trouble on their wings…
56.7 MB, .pdf format
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Georgie's Daily Dairy,
April, 2015 - November, 2016

When Georgie first started sharing his life experiences
as a bee with his Human friends (his "Beeps") online,
he did it through his "Daily Diary".
Take a peek inside the pages of that diary,
and prepare to bee enlightened!

It's here you'll find his one-time Special Features,
which have included Georgie's wildly-popular
"Dear Georgie" Advice Column

… his insightful Movie Review Feature,
"At the Movies with Georgie Bee"
At the Movies With Georgie Bee Header

…and for a very brief time, Georgie had his own T.V. show.
Catch those here on YouTube…


Are you a fan of intrigue, romance & adventure?
Then don't miss Georgie's gripping, tongue-in-cheek novel,
"An Affair in Algiers". (Try not to cry at the ending!)

Spend some time with
Georgie's exciting follow-up novella…

What happens when fiction intertwines with Georgie's reality?
Find out in Georgie's novella, "The Bee Who Knew Too Much",
a follow-up to his novel, "An Affair in Algiers".

Georgie's first book - an introduction to
The Bee Society
A richly-illustrated introduction to Georgie & his life as bee!
Available as an ebook on your favourite device.

Georgie's award-winning second book!
Three, hilariously entertaining, illustrated stories about the
life and times of Georgie and his bee friends & family…
Available as an ebook on your favourite device.

Coming Soon . . .
A new gallery of all the bees in the Hive!

Stay tuned!

all Bee Kazzzzoo Band & Orchestra Beret Uniform Sets
have been SOLD OUT.

Sorry if you missed out on the fun!

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