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"Georgie Bee" and "The Bee Society", its stories and characters were originally conceived beginning in 1976 by Rex Morriss who is an artist, illustrator, designer and writer working under the name, Noodle Ranch,
based in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Rex can be contacted by email at . . .

For additional information about The Bee Society® or
The Bee Society Press - or to inquire about product licensing -
please contact us at:

The Bee Society Press
15 Sutherland Road, Manitou Springs, CO, USA 80829
attn: R. Morriss and/or Georgie Bee

9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mountain Time
(0:900 - 17:00 hrs)

Facebook: Georgie Bee and The Bee Society® (pages)

All stories, characters, drawings and products are ©copyright 1976-2023 by
The Bee Society Press
and R. Morriss/Noodle Ranch. All rights reserved.
The Bee Society® is a registered trademark of The Bee Society Press
and Rex Morriss

All characters and stories are fictional and works of humour.
Any similarity between the characters and any persons, either living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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