Georgie's Persistent Coma Persists, even through his 46th Birthday!


What? What’s going on around here?

What is … what is that I smell? Is that HoneyCake?

And what’s all that Noise?? Is that Singing?
Why the *
CENSORED* is everybody Singing?

Hey wait a minute. What day is this?

How come I… “


Day 77 of Georgie's Coma (It looks like that Intervention didn't work)...


Okay, I'm just gonna bee brief here, but there's something everybody needs to Know, and it's this: If you know somebody who's in a Coma (as I am), don't go running around, buzzing Festively Bouncy Inspirational Songs thinking those would help Wake them Up (they don’t), and of course, don’t think for a Minute that Dumping Huge Bins of Ice Water all over them to ‘Stimulate Consciousness’ is a Good Idea. It isn’t. It’s just Rude.

I can also tell you right now and without any Hesitation whatsoever that doing any of that Stuff will NOT bring somebody out of a
*CENSORED* Coma. It will only Irritate the Individual who is in the Coma, make them feel Highly Soggy and Cold, and run the Risk of Shorting Out any Meticulously Calibrated, Moisture-Sensitive Electrical Monitoring Equipment, which is both Expensive and Inconvenient.

So don't do that.

Okay fine, I will say that it was nice to know that I have so many Friends - my Beeps who probably care so Deeply about my Well-Beeing, and sure, it was nice to finally get a Bath after how-many-ever-days it's been since I've been in this
*CENSORED* Coma (that *CENSORED* Nurse Beeatrice doesn't like getting her Wings wet). It would have been nice if somebody would have brought along some Deep Fuzz Conditioner (I Itched like *CENSORED* as I Dried, and now it feels like my Fuzz is Inexcusably Crusty), but I guess it feels good to at least bee Rinsed Off again, and Cleaner, mostly.

Still, don't do that to somebody in a Coma. It's Amazingly Rude, especially if you don't have any Deep Fuzz Conditioner with you.

However, I have noticed that the Reliability of Kevin's (you know, Felonie Snark’s Estranged Brother’s) Device that's allowing you to hear my Thoughts is in Serious Question. It's not Reliable at all. Ever since everybody started throwing those Bins of Ice Water all over me, the Link beetween my Brain and Kevin's Transcriber just suddenly stops working, and it always seems to take Kevin a Week to Ten Days to finally get it Fixed.

It's Highly Annoying and Amazingly Inconvenient when I need to Convey something Important, but the
*CENSORED* Link isn't Working Properly, for *CENSORED* crying out loud.

For instance, I'll bee right smack dab in the middle of trying to share a... .


Day 70 of Georgie's Coma - and it's an Intervention...??


“Oh, sorry. I dozed off there for awhile. That happens a lot when you're in a Coma, ya' know. Or maybee you don't know. I dunno.

Anyway, it sounds like it's Visitor's Day or something. There's a lot of Buzzing going on in the Room. I don't recognise some of the Buzzing, but I do recognise the Screechy-Nasal Buzz of that
*CENSORED*, Nurse Beeatrice. I'm pretty sure she was addressing ButterCup when she said, ‘I’ll bee going on my two-hour Break shortly, so if it seems the Patient needs anything while I'm away, I don't want to hear about it,’ then I heard her leave.

'Wow,' I just heard ButterCup say, 'what the
*CENSORED* is the *CENSORED* story with that *CENSORED* *CENSORED* Nurse Beeatrice?!'

Seriously now, I have to say that I Completely Agree with her, but geeeeeze... I had no Idea that ButterCup had Mouthparts on her like that.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I hear the Familiar Buzzing of Great Grandma Gee Gee. It sounds as if she's brought a whole bunch of her Cookies (you know the ones) "just for everybody to enjoy when we take a break," she just said.

Take a break from what? Oh no. I just heard Kevin (you know who he is) say, 'And I brought some Nectar Fizzes for everyone, beecause it is Well-Established that Comadial Interventions are Thirsty Work.'

A Comadial Intervention? What the
*CENSORED* is a Comadial Intervention? And why the *CENSORED* is it Thirsty Work?

Wait. I hear my Lawyer, S.O.Bee... he's telling everybody that beefore they will bee allowed to do a Comadial Intervention on me, they all have to sign a Waiver which, he is telling them, ‘Legally Relieves all Participants, including me, from any and all Responsibility for any and all Damage or Fatality resulting from Said Intervention. What that means in Laybee's Terms is that my Client, Georgie Bee, will not pursue any Legal Action should this Intervention in any way harm my Client or lead to his Demise.’

Oh for crying out loud. My Demise?? I don't ever Remember Signing anything like that. Okay fine, there's a whole bunch of things I don't seem to bee able to Remember at the moment, but it seems to me that I don't Remember Agreeing to anything, including this Intervention and I don't even know what the
*CENSORED* that even is. Correct me if I'm Wrong, but I always thought my Lawyer is supposed to bee on My Side, right? And I'm still not hearing anybody saying anything about what they're planning to Do. Should I really bee worried about beeing Hurt - or Worse??

Fleur? Fleur de Bee's here? I thought she was still in Paris. I just heard her ask Rudy to explain what's supposed to Happen with this Intervention. 'We all zooo want Georgie,' (I love the way she says my's so Cute), 'to emerge from zis Coma, but I am unzure what izz zupposed to bee happening. Why are zere zo many of zeeze Tubz of ze Ice Water? And what are zeeze Probes for?’

Wait a minute…what? Tubs of Ice Water? Probes?!?!?

I just heard Rudy (you know who that is) tell her, ‘All of your Quethtionth will bee Anthered Thoon. BigFoot,’ (you Remember him, right?) ‘hath the Offithial Manual, 'How to Awaken a Comatoth Pathient by Thtaging a Thucthethful Comadial Interventhion'. For the benefit of Everybody, would you pleath go over the Thtepth we'll bee following in thith Interventhion, BigFoot?’

They’re planning to Awaken me from my Coma with an Intervention?? I’m probably not sure I like this idea… .

So BigFoot just said it would bee his Pleasure to go over the Steps involved in this Intervention, and that he just has come over to grab the Manual that he left on my Bed. I hear him walking this way... his Huge Feet are... oh no! He's coming up right next to my Bed. If he's not Careful, he's gonna' step on the... "


Georgie Shares his Thoughts on Day 63 of his Coma...


I'm mostly happy to report that, two days ago, Kevin (my Illegitimate Nephew) was able to sneak into the Clinic and Re-Install the Communications Link beetween me and what he's now calling his ‘Mark II Neuro-Transcriber and Relatively Portable Feeding Tube-Transmitter™’.

Am I right in Thinking that you can hear what I'm Thinking again? I hope so. I wouldn't wanna Think that I'm not just lying here, mistakenly Thinking that I’m Thinking for no good Reason, and that's for sure. But now that I Think about it, I should probably tell you more about what I'm Thinking about what's going on around here, so I Think I'm gonna do that.

First, it seems Unusually Quiet around here today. Apparently, this is No Visitors Day, which means that Orderly Beeson will bee Mopping the Floors sometime this afternoon, then he’s gonna change the Sheets on my Bed. You’d think I’d wake up in the middle of that, wouldn’t you? I haven’t yet.

Anyway, a little earlier today, I could hear that somebody had turned on the Ward’s High-Definition TV with Built-In Surround Sound and switched over to the Channel that Broadcasts my Stories. I was enjoying just Lying here, listening to the Latest Episode of
‘As The Hive Turns’ . We just found out that Lance was having an Illicit Affair with some Floozy from another Hive, and that while he was all buzzy doing that, his Niece, Lizza, had been Secretly Taking Over her uncle's Buzziness. Lance's Confidential Secretary, Gertie (who knows all about Lance's Illicit Affair, but who usually doesn't tell anybody anything beecause she is, after all, Lance's Confidential Secretary) had decided to tell Lance all about what's been Going On beehind his Back (for the sake of the Buzziness and her Job, of course) when that *CENSORED* Nurse Beeatrice decided to go on her regular 2-Hour Early Afternoon Break, and turned off the TV as she was leaving. That meant that I never got to hear the rest of the Episode.

Seriously now. How rude is that?

But, ya’ know, I’ve had to put up with that kind of Beehaviour from her Day In and Day Out ever since I got her however long ago that was. She's gotta bee the Worst Nurse of all time… er ...

Maybee I shouldn't Think that too loudly in case she Overhears what I’m Thinking and she starts tying Knots in my Feeding Tube again (I really don’t like it when she does that). I just don't want that kind of Trouble with her - I Seriously don't want to Make Waves, even if I am still in a Coma and I can’t Move. Still, I hafta say that I also don't like it when she's standing next to my Bed pretending to take care of me and I discover that she’s standing stands on the new Portable Feeding Tube-Transmitter™ Kevin installed two days ago. It turns out that when she stands on it, it breaks the Connection. I’m pretty sure she does that on Purpose, but I can't Prove it. Yet.

You know, I pretty much get the Feeling that Beeatrice doesn't like me, but I can't Imagine why she wouldn’t, can you? I mean, I know for sure that I'm absolutely one of the Quietest and Least Demanding Patients in the Clinic, probably, and I always do my Best to keep my Thinking to myself so I don't Aggravate her, even if there's not a
*CENSORED* of a lot I can other than Think while I just Lie here all the *CENSORED* time.

Anyway, I keeping Thinking that I was going to tell you something, but I don't seem to bee able to remember what the
*CENSORED* it was, but I...


I think I hear Beeatrice coming.

Yes, it's definitely Beeatrice, and I hear a Sloshing Sound getting Louder.

I Think it's That Time of Day that she's supposed to Refresh my Nectar Bag. Yeah, I can smell it, and she's close enough that I can even… .


It's Day 53 of Georgie's Coma, and his Lawyer, S.O.Bee is paying him a visit...


I’m sick of just lying here. I don’t even know how long I’ve been like this. Seriously now…my Stinger is Numb, and I’m pretty sure that *CENSORED*, Nurse Beeatrice, tied another knot in my Feeding Tube, just to bee mean.

But hey, at least I’m glad ButterCup and my Lawyer are here. Maybee they’ll notice that I’m not getting any Nutrition, and insist that Beeatrice gets the Flow Going again.

Oh now, this is good News… I just heard S.O.Bee tell ButterCup that he’s gotten a Restraining Order against Felonie Snark. That’s a huge Relief beecause it means that Felonie can’t try to sneak back into the Hive Clinic's Questionably Traumatic Cranial Injury Ward (which is where I am, so I hear) and try to yank out my Feeding Tube if it happens to bee in her best Interests, which I’ve heard she thinks it is. After her Visit last week, I’ve gotten the feeling that Felonie doesn’t Like me.

How could somebody not Like me?

You know, If and When I ever get out of this Bed, remind me not to forget to remember to pay that
*CENSORED*, Felonie, a little Visit so I can give her a Piece of my Mind about this whole thing.

Wait a minute. Now this is good . . . ButterCup just pointed out to S.O.Bee that there’s something wrong with my Feeding Tube. He’s buzzing for Nurse Beeatrice to ‘Get in here and fix this Problem or face the Consequences…’. It feels like he’s pulling on my Feeding Tube…it feels like he’s going to pull it out of my Mouthparts. No, wait…he just asked, ‘What the
*CENSORED* is this?!’. He’s pulling harder on something else and I don’t think it’s my Feeding Tube. NO! I think he’s grabbing the… OH NO! It feels like he’s pulling out the Tube that Kevin (my Illegitimate Nephew) cleverly disguised as a Feeding Tube, but which is, in reality, the Tube that connects me to Kevin’s Thought Transcription Device!

WOAH! Don’t do that! Oh geeeeeeze…if he keeps pulling on it like this he’s gonna… .


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