Ripped from the pages of his online
Daily Diary and filled with even more
original illustrations,
Morning Nectar
with Georgie Bee
offers readers more
of the same wry writing style fans have
come to expect from Georgie Bee.

Covering a span of events from one warm
June through August, Georgie divides this
heart-warming, hilarious story into three
rib-splitting parts:

• "A Visit from a Relative"
• "Trouble at the Honey Ball
• "A Warm Season to Remember"

It's the perfect read for the beach
or that long plane ride or bus trip!

ages 10 +
(a favourite with older readers, too!)

First Edition, October 2014
6” x 9”, 126 pages, illustrated
print softcover
ISBN 978-0-9896901-1-9

The Bee Society Press

autographed by the author

$10.95 print edition


e-book available from…

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