Georgie's 3rd Show is ON THE AIR!

This week: S1/E3
Georgie is slated to interview a Monarch Butterfly!

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A Note to my Beeloved Viewers:

I think it’s fair to say that most everybody feels the same way I do about Mondays - we love ‘em and wish we had more of them, right? Well get this: I was looking forward to highly enjoying next Monday until, just awhile ago, I got a message from my Editor…er..Producer telling me that I hafta bee in his Office first thing Monday Morning - or Else. Evidently, he wants to talk to me about this week's Show. He didn't sound happy.

Geeeeeeeze. And I’m supposed to enjoy my weekend with that hanging over my head? Is that even legal?
If it is, it probably shouldn’t bee. But whatever.