Observation #4: Customer Service



Is it just me, or does it seem that some of the Buzzinesses out there these days don’t really care all that much about their customers?

I have a reason for asking.

Yesterday, I got a Call from my Moving Company. After we figured out that we were all okay and that we’re all were having a nice day, they finally got around to telling me the Purpose of their Call.

“The Purpose of our Call,” they said, “is to inform you that your Case has come up for Consideration, and we’re pleased to Inform you that you have been placed on the Primary Delivery Waiting List. What that means is that, all of your Household Beelongings will probably bee delivered to you sometime beetween Monday, October 30th and Thursday, November 9th, beetween the hours of 5:01 A.M. and 6:17 P.M. Will there bee somebody there to receive the Delivery, Deer?”

“Well, uh,” I told them, “I’m not sure. Can you bee more specific? I mean, would it bee possible to pin down the Actual Delivery Date and Time so I don’t have to just waste all my time waiting around for you to show up?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Deer, no. As you might imagine, we’re awfully buzzy at this time of year, what with all the Migrations going on. It’s Absolutely Imperative that you are there when our Delivery Truck shows up, eventually, otherwise, I’m afraid we are unable to promise Delivery beefore early 2018.”

“But…” I started to say.

“And, of course, we would have to charge you a Temporary Storage and MisHandling Fee if you do happen to miss your Delivery Time. And nobody wants that, mostly. So, can we count on your beeing at your New Address beetween the times I just quoted you, Dear?”

What could I say? “Probably,” I told them. Then they told me to have a Nice Day and hung up.

Geeeeeeeze. I don’t think Customer Service is what it used to bee, ya’ know?

Anyway, I’ve been just standing here by the Front Entrance of my New Shoe Box since yesterday morning, hoping my Stuff will bee Delivered soon. It’s Highly Inconvenient just having to hang around like this.

I also hope they show up soon. It’s really cold out and they have my Antennae Cozies. I hope my Antennae don’t break off. (That would hurt. A lot.)

Okay then.
Let’s all bee careful out there.
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PS: Happy Hallowe’en! I’d go to the Hive Hallowe’en Extravaganza, but I have to stay here. And wait.