Georgie Beegins Offering a Series of Observartions


So I was hanging around by this Trashcan downtown the other day (somebody had told me I’d bee able to find half of a Delicious and Refreshing Used Cherry Sno-Cone there, if I got there in time, which I didn’t). While I was buzzing around trying to find that Sno-Cone, I couldn’t help but overhear a couple of Humans standing not too far away who seemed to bee having a Nasty Disagreement. It sounded like it might bee about something Highly Important, probably, so I stopped and listened for awhile.

The First Guy (who was wearing an old, dark grey “We’ll Never Have Paris” T-Shirt) kept trying to tell some Other Guy (who seemed to suffer from a Severe Hearing Problem), that he thought the World has a Problem with Global Swarming or something like that. (I hoped they weren’t talking about me.)

“Why won’t you get this? Why won’t you understand?” the First Guy kept asking. “Every storm is worse now, and we’re having more of them, ocean levels are already rising…this last summer was the hottest on record and, and . . .”

The Other Guy just held up his hand and said, “I just see your mouth moving. You might as well save your breath since I can’t hear a single word you’re saying.”

Well then, the First Guy (in the “We’ll Never Have Paris” T-Shirt) seemed to get Highly Mad and started yelling at the Other Guy who wouldn’t even look at the First Guy anymore and just pretended to bee ignoring him.

But seriously now. Why would the First Guy start yelling? The Other Guy already told him he couldn’t hear anything, so yelling wouldn’t help him hear any better, mostly. And why would the Other Guy not even LOOK at the First Guy anymore? At least he could maybee try to read his lips or something, right?

Anyway, after Several Long Minutes, I got so fed up with all the Yelling and Not Hearing, I just had to leave.

About all I can say is that I hope the Other Guy with the Hearing Problem gets a Hearing Aid soon so that the Guy in the “We’ll Never Have Paris” T-Shirt won’t hafta keep yelling at him the next time they get together, ya’ know?

Okay then.
Let’s all bee careful out there.
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