Observation #33: Meaningless Threats



I’m just gonna continue where I left off here . . .

On Monday, I think it was, I was sitting in my amazingly comfortable Dr.Bee’sBest™ Multi-Media Surround-Sound Rocker-Recliner (with the optional Nectar Cup Holders), watching that Retrospective Documentary about "The Life and Times of Alan Thickebee: the Lost Episodes”, when there was a knock at my ShoeBox Door.

"I wonder who that could bee," I wondered.

When I went to see who was there, and to find out why they were interrupting my Stories, I found out that my Editor had sent a Messenger Bee to inform me that he (my Editor) would, and I quote, “bee Highly Enthusiastic to see you (he meant me) in my (which meant his) Office first thing on Tuesday Morning (which was two days ago) - or Else.” Geeeeeze. That really took the enjoyment out of my returning to my Stories (it was just getting into Alan’s Talk Show Days), but I tipped the Messenger Bee anyway, and he left. (I gave him a delicious and usually nutritious Great Grandma Gee Gee’s Royal HoneyChew Krisp Cookie™. He seemed very pleased with that, which he should beecause they’re Mmmm-Mmmm So Highly Good™.)

So did you even know that Alan Thickbee HAD a Talk Show? I didn’t either.
Maybee that's why they call it, "the Lost Episodes", otherwise, we'd all know that.

Anyway, beelieve it or not, it’s already Thursday - and I still haven’t made it to my Editor’s Office yet. You’d think I’d bee highly nervous about that “or Else”, wouldn’t you? I’m not. And do you know why? It’s beecause I’ve just noticed something reasonably Valuable and Important, and that is: All this time, my Editor’s been telling me “or Else”, and mostly nothing has ever happened when I didn’t do what he told me to. I dunno about you, but it seems pretty clear that all his Threats have been totally meaningless, clearly. Think about it: I was supposed to bee in his Office two days ago, but I wasn’t - and absolutely nothing bad has happened to me. (Oh sure, I accidentally slammed my left Antenna in the Cabinet Door last night, and it’s still highly sore, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t have anything to do with my Editor, probably.)

What does that say to you about those who make threats like, “or Else” to you? I’ll bet you’re thinking what I’m thinking, aren’t you? That’s what I thought. All this “or Elsing” is meaningless (it has no meaning), and, if you ask me, it’s highly rude. I think we can all just relax about it.

And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna finish this Documentary, then I’ll find the time to visit my Editor just as soon as I get around to it, which should mostly bee soon. If not, I’ll go there later. Maybee he’ll get mad at me for that, but seriously now, what’s he gonna do? Evidently, nothing.

Beesides, this is a really great Week to just stay inside. It’s unbeelievably cold and windy out. I heard that the Authorities are issuing Warnings that Superfluous or Other Random Trips outside the Hive are Highly Discouraged - which should include my ShoeBox - and that everybody should just stay inside.

So I’m gonna do that. I mean, who am I to argue with the Authorities?

Let’s all bee highly careful out there (even if we all do stay inside)!

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