Observation #34: Short Term Memory Problems



Where was I? Oh yeah…

I think my Editor might have a serious problem. I haven’t been able to fail to not notice that he seems to bee having trouble remembering stuff properly. (I don’t have that problem myself, usually, so I’m really glad I’m alert enough to notice things like this.)

Yesterday, I remembered that my Editor wanted to see me in his Office on Tuesday, so since today is Tuesday, I showed up right on time.

When I walked in, he said, “Bee, where have you been? You were supposed to bee here on Tuesday.”

“It is Tuesday,” I told him, “and, as you can clearly see, here I am.”

“You were supposed to bee here last Tuesday,” he said, “or Else.”


“Was I? I don’t think so. I think you might bee mistaken. Last Tuesday, I was busy doing something else, and I’m absolutely sure I wouldn’t have forgotten the ‘or Else’ part, probably. So, now that I’m here, what can I do for you?” I asked him.

“You don’t know? You don’t remember?” He seemed really upset. “Are you telling me that you want ME to have to help you remember your Job?” He started getting really loud. “I CAN’T DO THAT, BEE!”

I really felt terrible for him, even if he was screaming at me. I mean, how sad is it when somebody starts having memory problems like that, when they get to a point where they simply can’t remember stuff.

“I’m sorry,” I said. I mean, I’m mostly sure all of us can agree that it’s just sad when somebody has a problem like this.

“Well it’s about time,” he said. “I never thought I’d live to see the day when you finally said those words to me,” he said.

“Seriously? Why would you say something like that? Everybody knows that I’m a highly sympathetic and compassionate bee. I can feel your pain. Why wouldn’t I bee sorry? Of course I’m sorry.” I felt kind of insulted.

“What are you talking about, Bee?” he asked. He seemed confused.

“What? You don’t remember? This is worse than I thought,” I said.

For some reason, I noticed that my Editor looked way confused, so to spare him the embarrassment he was suffering, so I asked, “Are we done here?”

My Editor started shaking. (I’m thinking that might bee a Symptom of his Serious Condition).

“NO,” he started yelling again, “we’re NOT.” Then he picked up a copy of one of my old Observations and started waving it around. “Do you see this?”

“Yes,” I told him, but I couldn’t read it beecause it was going back and forth too fast. It was a total blur.

“Two weeks ago, you once again failed in your Product Endorsement and Marketing Responsibilities by neglecting to include the word, ‘Royal’ in your reference to our Beeloved Sponsor, Great Grandma Gee Gee’s Royal HoneyChew Krisp Cookies™. Great Grandma Gee Gee is furious.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, too, but is it really that big a deal? I mean, I mostly don’t bother to remember that far back, so it must not bee that huge a problem, right? Beesides, she never mentioned anything about any of this to me, and I’m pretty sure I would have remember if she had, usually.” (Luckily, at that moment, I remembered that she had left me a message on my Cell Phone that she wanted to talk to me last Wednesday, but I was snowed in, so it would have been Friday beefore I could have even made it to her place, and Friday isn’t Wednesday, is it? So I scratched it off my Calendar.)

“What the actual hell, Bee? Stop arguing with me, start doing your job correctly - or Else! Now get out of my Office!” he said.

The fact that my Editor didn’t even remember that the “or Else” part is, as we’ve all discovered, nothing more than a Meaningless Threat has me more worried than ever about his Memory Problem. I think it’s amazingly rude to get into big arguments with somebody who isn’t Well, so I said, “Fine,”, gave him a Big Hug (which he seemed to really hate), and I left.

I hafta say that I hope I never have a Problem like that, ya’ know? I’ve heard that Prevention is everything, so it’s important to watch your Diet (only the healthiest Nectar and Pollen Dishes, light on the Honey) and get plenty of Rest and Relaxation.

So I’m gonna go do that.

Let’s all bee highly careful out there!

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