When you really get to know honey bees, you find out that our job on this planet is super-important. Without us honey bees (and, fine…without all the other pollinators we have on the planet), the food supply for everybody would bee in serious danger. Seriously.

Over the past few years, Humans have finally started realising how amazingly important we are. They've been working hard to try to protect the environment we share with everybody else and doing what they can to make sure that we don't just disappear beecause of poisons
(herbicides & pesticides, etc.), things like Colony Collapse Disorder, or anything else that puts us in danger.

To try to help make sure we bees are protected, there are a bunch of groups and organisations that take the time and energy to contact "Human Decision-Makers" with letters, petitions and who even contribute to their efforts. Here's a short list you can contact if you're interested in getting more involved with helping keep us bees happy, healthy and safe!

Click on the links beelow to get started helping us out!
(And thanks from all of us in the Bee Society for your concern & help!)

Here's a link that will lead you to several "Bee-Helpful" groups and websites:

Never to bee outdone, the EarthDay swarm is also working to help us out:

If you're interested in beeing part of the "Friends of the Earth" efforts, click here:

… and a group that's keeping very buzzy trying to keep us healthy and safe:

Check out the group to which The Bee Society has donated some of our profits!

Even the U.S. Government is trying to help through the Environmental Protection Agency:

There are lots and lots of Humans who want to help, so these are just a few of the listings you can contact right now.

If you know of a group or organisation that's not listed here - or if you have a group that's trying to help us out - please CONTACT US and we'll make sure the link to your group is added to the list!

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