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The Renovations in the Hive are done,
and the Swarm has moved out of the Stump!

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the FINAL ISSUE of Inside the Stump! (check this space next week to see what happens next in the Hive!)

FINAL ISSUE-Life in the Stump-PG 1FINAL ISSUE - Life in the Stump - PG 2

Hey! Did you miss the First Issue? Just scroll back! Okay then! That was simple, wasn't it?

Issue #8 - Georgie's serving his Sentence...

Life in the Stump 8 - PAGE 1
Life in the Stump 8 - PAGE 2

Issue #7 - Georgie gets The Chair . . .


Issue #6 - a Report on Georgie's Trial

Life in the STump - 6-PG1Life in the STump - 6 -PG2