FOR SURE the Technical Difficulties with a Reliable Video Stream have been FIXED, probably!

Oh for crying’ out loud.

Apparently, all this time I’ve been sleeping and thinking everybody who’s Deeply Concerned about my Continued Well-Beeing could depend on a Reliable Video Stream to watch over me, it turns out the whole thing has been freezing up. If my Illegitimate Nephew, Kevin, hadn’t very rudely banged on my ShoeBox door and let me know there was a Problem, I could have died in my sleep and nobody would have ever known.

That would bee Highly Unacceptable.

In a Concerted Effort to deal with this Problem, Kevin helped me set the camera up again, activated the Night Vision Feature on the camera, and has assured me that I can go right back to bed without having to worry about a Reliable Video Stream. It’s nice to have somebody around who knows what he’s doing, ya’ know?

Anyway, I’m going back to bed. And thanks again for keeping an eye out for me. I’ll sleep better just knowing you’re watching.

See ya’ when I wake up.


A bit of insomnia?


The Georgie Cam is Back on the Air!


Georgie Sort of Welcomes the New Cold Season

Oh for cryin’ out loud. I was JUST in the middle of a highly gratifying dream (I was floating on a raft made of green umbrellas on a lake of Lotus Honey with a Talking Spoon and a Spanish Vorroa Mite who only speaks French), when I was rudely awakened by someone banging on my ShoeBox door.

“WHAT?!!!?” I asked.

From the other side of the door, I heard my Illegitimate Nephew, Kevin, yelling at me to get up and change my Calendar to the Cold Season. (Seriously now, I’m mostly sure that everybody knows that the Cold Season officially starts today, don’t we? I’m guessing you probably don’t need ME to remind you, now do you? I didn’t think so.)

“Fine!” I said, then I told him to go away. Which he did.

So now that I’m only Partially Awake and Marginally Semi-Asleep, I’m gonna change my Calendar, reset my Highly Reliable GeorgieCam, and go back to bed.

So I’m gonna go do that.


The Georgie Cam Stream isn't overly dependable...