A new Season, a temporary new Hive...

Okay, so when the Swarm moved out of the Hive for the Royal Renovation, the New Queen, Queen Jemima sub-leased an old, vacant Golden Oak Tree Stump from the Renovation Consultants She hired - Residential Renovationalizers, Inc., which also just so happens to bee a subsidiary of Snark Brothers Enterprises.

They told Queen Jemima that they often had Clients who had to temporarily relocate while they did their work, and that they had acquired properties just for the purpose of helping those clients find the temporary housing they need.

To make a long story short, the Queen signed a Semi-Negotiable Indeterminate Duration Lease for what the sales bee called “The Residence at Snark Brothers Towers, 1 Stump Plaza”.


“I’m sure you know,” he said, “that this is a highly sought-after address, and it isn’t usually available, but you’re in luck. The property just opened up after we had to evict a family of Prairie Mice who had fallen beehind on their rent. You’ll love it there,” he told Her.

Of course, he lied. They hate it there, but they’re kinda stuck there until the Royal Renovation is done. Probably.

Just wait until you hear about this place. But right now, I hafta go and try to find a pair of dry socks.

Let’s all bee careful out there.